The Girl Who Walked On Air

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Book review for - The Girl Who Walked on Air

The Girl Who Walked on air by Emma Carroll is about the dream of Louie Reynolds whose dream is to be a circus showstopper. 

Her tightrope talents put the finest performers to shame, yet the path to fame is a rocky one. To travel it, Louie must first: 

  • Witness Terrible accident    
  • Meet two Mysterious strangers 
  • Cross Niagara Falls  
  • And look DEATH square in the eye. 

Will young Louie find the courage to face the obstacles in her path and become the girl who walked on air? 

Louie has sensational tightrope talents, yet why is Mr. Chip chase keeping her tucked away in a ticket book; Louie has always suspected him of hiding secrets from but she never knew how big or life changing they could. 

Read on as Louie is flung all the way to America as she discovers more about her past. 

Young Louie was found abandoned outside a trailer at Chip chase’s circus and has been raised there her entire life. 

Now she must fight to make her dreams sore, she must be willing to take risks, make reluctant friendshipswalk on a leap of faith and not be able to face the truth. 

But is our young protagonist really ready for the truth that awaits her just around the corner or will it consume her like a monster to a victim; just how far is Louie willing to walk and is she prepared for the thorns she must face in her journey.

 Sensational, sums up the whole book. Set in Victorian England, this story depicts how children were forced or chosen to work at the circus in such a young age to earn a living. This book is fictionthriller, adventure and perfect for the ages 9 plus and teenagers. For fans of Eva Ibbotson”. 

Written by the queen of historical fiction herself, Emma Carroll   

I myself have absolutely enjoyed reading this book as it is historical fiction, so you can learn and get lost in a world of imagination. I just love the way Emma Carroll fills Louie with a strong sense of perseverance and determination, if she wants to achieve something not even Niagara Falls can stop: we’re constantly reminded of it as the chapters commence. 

I also love the way Emma describes the circus, it felt like I was so familiar with it, but I’ve never visited the circus before. The flow in which Emma writes just makes you want to keep reading. There are so many obstacles in Louie’s journey, however there’s a friend to help her through each stage. 

Although Louie makes it very clear that she  doesn’t need anybody to help, deep down she does have a limit and I think this book just beautifully portrays the use of friends on the way, of course it’s not the main point on focus but you can sense it as you make your way through the book. 

For one thing, I wasn’t going back to bed.” 


If you like that sense of suspense I definitely recommend this book, Emma always keeps you on the edge of your seat with constant breaks in paragraphs, never fully revealing what is going to happen!

 I feel this technique highlights Louie’s determination and how no obstacles were going to get in her way. She has so many talents which she has kept hidden, now that an opportunity has sprang, she is going seize her moment and not let it go for the world. 

Now she and Gabriel must journey through the paths of America and seek their ambitions before it’s too late. 

Emma Carroll is an English writer. She has been named the queen of historical fiction and taught English in secondary school before writing full time. She graduated with distinction from Bath Spa University’s MA in Writing for Young People. In another life Emma wishes she had written “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier. She lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and three terriers.  

Overall, this is a really enjoyable book, however because I, personally, am not a big fan of historical fiction I give this book 4 stars. z

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