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Aanya Mathur

My reviews will not give you too much.. they are extended blurb, read more about me, and about the blogs on this website

I review the book with great enthusiasm

I am a huge book lover, like most of you guys reading this! Although I adore reading that does not mean
I do not have time for 
other passions. I am quite a creative person in my  point of view, getting myself involved in stuff like baking, oil pastel painting, creative writing, Photography, and being the ultimate fangirl.

Stay tuned for my blog page on movies and other programs for primary and secondary school students. 

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Primary and Seconday School Book Reviews

Hi, My Name Is Aanya Mathur

I am a huge book lover, like most of you guys reading this

The things I love include miraculous lb, Artemis fowl (including the movie), Disney as a whole and I am a dc fan! (sorry Marvel).

I have a huge sense of feminism and taking care of our environment. I was born in India; however, I am now a Londoner. I am a secondary school student. So, most of the
books I read and recommend are predominantly for secondary school students. I will also be writing reviews for many primary school students; from the books I still love.

My aspirations for the future include accounting or law. Yes, I also continue to write my blogs, and hope to publish my over book soon. 

I have always taken on a liking for children’s rights and I am a strong believer of equity. I support the charity UNICEF because there are children out there who are being abused, growing up without a meal or a roof. I feel that this is unacceptable as children are going to be the future generation, and it’s up to us, the developed society to ensure we support them or support UNICEF, who is Internationally helping these children get their basic rights!

Some of my favourite books are the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowlthe wide-awake princess series, pages and co, and many more. I may sound like a big girly girl, but nothing would be better suiting for my title than a tomboy.

I created this blog to help people with the same hobby as me, reading! I on a personal level know the feeling of finally finishing a book series and pondering about what to
pick next, whether it should be fiction or non-fictionsci-fi, or romance!? Or if you are simply willing to take a dive and explore the different world around you through words and

During the lockdown, many people would suffer from the same problem, running out of stuff to read! So, to solve this problem I have included a way to get a hold
of your book without digging into the depths of the internet for it. I have also included a comment section for anybody who wants to voice their own opinion, because I know and respect other people’s views and choices. I would love it if you contributed as I love to hear about what other people think about a book! I am here to express my views about the
books read. I will not be favouring any author or book, the intension of my reviews is to help other book lovers to get a book of their choice. 

If you would like to write reviews or share similar interest, please do follow me on social media and do contact me and greatly appreciate your comments.

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