A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder

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Book review- A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A Good Girl’s guide to murder by Holly Jackson is a story about the murder of Andie Bell by her boyfriend Sal Singh who then killed himself, the police all know it, the entire town is known for it. 

However, A star student is still haunted by the tragedy and senses something fishy about the whole murder and suicide. So, with the excuse of her final year project, and the help of RaviSal’s brother, she starts uncovering secrets which someone in the town tried to keep desperately hidden. 

This is a mystery and thriller which has you hanging of every word. Will pip get to the bottom of the mystery or will someone quiet her for good!?  

Pip is an all an all A student, but the fact that Andie bell was murdered by Sal Singh keeps chipping away at her and she can’t help but investigate.

 This story is brimming with secrets as pip dives deeper into what really happen that night. With the help of Ravi this young heroine must uncover the secrets behind this supposed murder. So, simple right. A plain accident that isn’t strong enough to make a difference to any body’s lives, well that’s what pip thinks but she doesn’t know how complicated this mystery is going to get.

 And once she dives deeper there’s no coming up for air. I love the way Holly has written this book; the structure just gives off that sense of suspense and reality of this book. If I didn’t know better, I would have believed that this book was based on a real-life event.

 After a few chapters the book shows pages taken out of Pippa’report, sharing her own knowledge and revealing to the reader her point of view and how’s the plot is progressing. This book is thrilling down to the last knife.  

Pippa has a strong, smart and most importantly determined personality. This book is great for any teen: this book has murder, thrills, romance, action and betrayal! It’s one of those books you can’t put down. The way Holly just guides you through the series of events and the way all the clues fit together perfectly. 

I must commend her for the amazing plot twist she added in the last few chapters is so astonishing, no one could have seen it coming; just the flow of the chapters would have you gripped on, the sudden reveal in the end will have you gaping at the book for a few seconds. Although this is a great book, it does contain certain content that might not be suitable for younger years so I highly recommend the reading age to be between 13 – 14 or older, but it just depends how mature you are to read it.  

“Pip wished she was strong enough, but she’d learned that she wasn’t invincible; she too could break.” 


Pippa is no super hero, she also has limits but whoever this trying to stop her from uncovering the mystery doesn’t seem to know thatPippa must push her limits to make a breakthrough in her case. 

The way holly portrays the character of pip is so admirable, the way she must have courage, the way she is not willing to give up on her curiosity even when she is receiving anonymous texts threatening her to back away or if she must look the criminal straight in the eye  if it means uncovering the truth. 

Holly Jackson is an amazing, talented author who has so far written two books in this series (the next book is called good girl bad blood). She started writing her first book at the young age of 15! She is a massive true-crime fan and her hobbies include binge-playing video games and pointing out grammatical errors in street signs. Holly lives in London. 

Overall, I have absolutely loved reading this page turner, I’m sure you’ll love just as much, so I give it 5 stars! 


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Really good book review Aanya! Your review is what compelled me to read this book, and I love it!

Great job!

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