When The Mountains Roared

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Book Review - When the Mountains Roared

When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth is a book about the journey of a young girl transitioning from the jungles of Australia to the high mountains of India, while dealing with the loss of a mother, the constant fear of the dark and suspicion of leopard poaching in her midst.

 Now ruby must race against the clock to save the endangered species of leopards and see if her suspicions are correct. What she doesn’t know is the bigger story hiding behind the innocent hotel nestled between the peaks of the Himalayas. 

When the Mountains Roared is a classic animalrescuing story brimming with family drama, adventure, mystery, new friendships, and suspense. This book has had me hanging off every word. It’s is both compelling and inspiring as you follow the physical and emotional journey of our young heroine while she develops new friendships, overcomes her fears, and saves the last few leopards left on the mountains from poachers. 

But before finally achieving her goal she must deal with really dodgy hotel owners, the itching feeling that her dad is keeping secrets from her and a rumoured curse on the mountains by the goddess Durga from Hindu mythology. Will any of these stop Ruby from achieving her goals or will her strong sense of determination overcome the fear inevitably lurking inside her?  

I personally have loved reading this book from chapter to chapter, as any book lover will relate to, this book cannot be put down. It’s definitely a page-turner from my perspective, you just can’t help but admire the determination and courage Jess Butterworth has given Ruby. This book is mainly targeted towards readers out there who love reading about nature animals or exotic and unique environments that add a twist to the story. 

Ruby is set with a challenge when her dad decides to move to India, leaving the jungles of Australia behind them as well as her memories of her mother who had died only a year ago. I feel that a book’s setting adds to the main plot as well as symbolism, foreshadowing how the character feels throughout the series of events that unfold.  

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to camp by myself again. The last time was before mum went. Before I was afraid of the dark. 


I love the way Jess includes flashbacks as the plot slowly progresses because it adds to the current scene in the book, as well as giving us a more emotional understanding of Ruby’character as a whole and what she might be feeling at that particular time, seeing more about the experiences she had witnessed before. This particular quote explains her fear of the dark and the reason behind it while simultaneously saying how she must face her fears, giving off the message, determination conquers fear. 


Overall, When the Mountains Roared is an amazing and inspiring book for children and teens. I give this book a five-star review!

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