Why is Reading Important

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why should i read

Why should we read ? While many children of our generation might think that reading is boring, or that it just a couple of words and that’s that. However, there are some out there who are totally obsessed about reading books ( myself included! ). So, the question remains – why should we read! 

I can confidently say that reading has changed my life, from the way I interact with others around me and the way I write, to my characteristics and creativity. Most adults write about how to a child to read but this blog is coming from a tween herself, who loves reading.

To be completely honest, I wasn’t really a fan of reading when I was young. I thought it was boring and I had better things to do than to just stare at a couple of words. But then I found the perfect book, I became interested and always wanted to read more books. As my passion grew, I started reading more of a specific genre or author.

Calming the Mind

Growing up according to me can be quite a challenging part of life, what with you starting to  form your own interests and opinions ; and to do so you need to challenge the ones you have lived with so far in your life. 

Sure, you might not like books that much and no ones forcing you to be obsessed with them. All that I would sincerely suggest is to give them a try. You’ll soon discover the joy ,the magic and the power that these entities possess …..the power of transporting you to an entirely different world –  a great escape from the reality to a complete world of gripping fantasy – such is the power of books !! In my opinion, there is nothing better than sitting down after a tiring day at school or work and 

getting into the skin of another character, transporting yourself to another part of the world  ! 

No wonder then that a book is  considered to be a mans best friend !!


The second benefit of reading is the fact that it enriches your vocabulary. By reading different types of books including fiction, non-fiction, classics, mystery ,funny, fantasy , adventurous and so on , you are introduced to different concepts and therefore a different vocabulary that you might have encountered before.

 I for one have definitely benefited from reading higher levels of books. It has helped my writing skills improve and it has positively impacted my day to day conversational speech.

 I know that different people read at different levels but its great practice to challenge yourself,  take the time to note down words you might not know or keep a dictionary by your side when reading !


This next one is one of my favourites ! Books often have a good effect on your personality. I find it incredible the way one book can have the power to change your entire life. Who knew a bunch of words stringed together could do that right? I would say 5 books in total have changed my life; I hated one of them. 

When you grow up you will often be given extracts from books and questioned about them, imagine how much easier your life would be if you had already read that book and answered all the questions with ease ? Your personality is up to you to decide but all in all the people and things around effect that a lot.

How do I encourage someone to read?

This is probably the hardest bit when it comes to getting someone to read; giving that  kick start….!!  I have many friends who do not like reading because they consider reading to be “boring” or “a waste of time”. I have to disagree. I have read many articles where adults give parents tips on how to get their children to read. But my blog is coming to you straight from a child’s perspective.

  • Taking a personal example of my case, what worked for me is the fact that I found something interesting to read. No wonder ,it might take a long time to find your ideal genre, but once you have laid your hands on the right one , reading will be a breeze !! The challenge is with you to find a book that truly  interests you. Such as if you like to play video games or gaming in general, you can try reading science- fiction! And if you like watching dramas you can try reading classics or fiction. There is, unbelievably, a perfect book out there for everyone! A good tip would be to start off reading a particular type of series, so it isn’t that puzzling when it comes to reading another book.

For younger readers, I would recommend setting out a specific time of  the day and reading to them, ideally at bedtime. Encourage your children to look at pictures in picture books and either  to describe what is happening. I find this a good exercise to teach younger children to grasp the concept.

  • Another great way to get people to read is to read it with them. Tell them your favourite moments of the story and gush about it in an interesting way that makes them want to read it themselves. 
  • Tell them elaborate stories of magic gardens and fairy wands. This way they will be genuinely interested in what happens.

For younger readers, show them pictures again and tell them the story, but leave the suspense till the end. This will leave them guessing and wanting to know more.

  • Give him or her a special reading nook. Nothing is better than settling down in their own space and reading. It makes them feel special in their own way. Add their favourite pillow or stuffed toy. Make it look as appealing and irresistible as possible. Tell them that the only way they can enter the nook is if they’re going to read in it. This will tempt them to read more. 
  • In school, we were all encouraged to read, but we also had a class book that we would read together. And our little reading library would usually relate to that theme. For example, if they are reading about sci-fiction set the mood by adding tin foil or rocket ships. If they’re reading about the jungle add some cut-out leaves or stuffed animals. Encourage your child to decorate it themselves; this will make them engage more as well as having a fun break from reading or any other activity.                                                                         
  • To ensure that he or she is reading the book properly and not just skimming through the pages, make them draw their favourite scene. And if you’re isn’t the creative type, make them tell you about their favourite scene and describe it using lots of objects; recreate the scene for them and let them live the story. By doing this, it again increases their creativity and thinking as well as letting them have fun!
  • This last tip is probably the most valuable advice I can give you; don’t force them into it! I found it very frustrating as a child if my parents forced me to read. It makes you hate the idea even more. Forcing them is definitely not the way to go. Some kids may just generally not like reading and that’s fine! 
  • Forcing them is the worst thing you can do. What you should do is give them small nudges. Give them a little push and the rest is up to them. No matter what they will have to read when they are older and it is your job to help them decide if they like reading or not. But at the end of the day, that decision is theirs!

Is your child is slightly older, for example between 7 and 9 years of age, a great way to get them started is by reading the classics . Not the full chapter versions, but the simplified versions. 

You can grab some great titles on Amazon. Then when they start reading a chapter book, introduce them to the original versions of the book and watch their reactions when they understand how beautifully detailed the original version is.

I would like to conclude by saying that the pleasure of reading is like no other. The deeper you dive into it the ocean of reading the greater treasures you seek !! Reading to me is an activity which is :



Awe Inspiring

Delving your mind into another world

So for all you out there ,let me know your if I have managed to get you any closer in encouraging you to read. I would love to know your thoughts on. So friends, make a head start and get your heads digging into that book !



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