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Deadly By design model undercover

Book Review - Deadly by Design by Carina Axelesson

When the case lands on Axelle's doorstep, she is off on yet another sinister case!

Deadly by Design by Carina Axelson is a book in the Model Undercover series. When a new case lands on Axelle Anderson’s London doorstep, the stylish sleuth can’t resist strapping on the heels and snapping on the shades to track down whoever attacked fashion photographer Gavin. But what’s the deal with the memory stick full of mysterious photos? Can Axelle discover the secret they contain and stop a killer in his tracks? 


Axelle Anderson’s at it again. This time she gets to solve a mystery at her London Doorstep. It has been a few days since Axelle solved her New York mystery, and she is itching for a new case. It so happens that she is hired by Tallulah Tempest, who is the sister of a famous photographer Gavin. The case is about an attack launched on the photographer; Tallulah is sure it was deliberate, but the police say it was a simple mugging. But Axelle has three things on her side that the police can’t get their hands on; her sleuthing partner, Sebastian, her amazing model BFF, Ellie and a flash drive full of seemingly innocent photographs… 

Almost everybody thinks Tallulah is just paranoid about her theory about her brother being deliberately attacked. But later. her theory is unfortunately proven to be correct when Gavin’s apartment is also raided. Someone is looking for something, something valuable, or evidence that Gavin should not have gotten his hands onto….

Now all heads turn to Axelle as she looks through the strange flash drive, only to find photos of Johnny Vane, a designer from a shoot. Could he happen to have something to do with the attack? Or does the mystery go further back in time… ?? Read it to find out!!


Deadly by Design is one of my favourite books in the Model Undercover series. When I started reading the series, I must admit that I found this book to be a bit of a plain read, but as I kept progressing through the story I discovered  a real twist- a complete turnover in the entire plot which I reckon  happens to be the real beauty of this book ! To summrise, though the book has its own ups and downs , the real uplifting factor of this book happens to be its unique storyline – certainly a change from the usual robbery or  murder clichés

Speaking from a child’s point of view I have loved reading this book; Axelle is a glamorous model who doesn’t mind getting in sewers if it means solving the case. This is the third book in the series and my favouriteafter all, it is set in the allies of my city, London.

 I’d say that almost every detective novel I have read so far, incorporates London in its setting somehow. There’s just something about the fog that the city is famous for, or maybe that mix of modern and old buildings… 

As much as I praise this book, I have to point out the fact that it is not very realistic. I understand this is supposed to be a fictional novel, and the characters aren’t real, but the outcome of the plot is very unrealistic, for a mystery. There are very few chances that the resolution of the book has or will happen in real life. But other than that detail, I love the book. The plot also challenges the relationship between Axelle and Sebastion; someone is jealous. 

“By silencing him for good.” 

This is Axelle’s third case and possibly the most difficult one. I would highly recommend you to read the first two books before getting your hands on the third book. as the first two books help in the initial establishment of the characters and the plot , which follows that the character might not be that enjoyable if you haven’t read the first two books.

This book is for readers between the ages of 11 and 13. Deadly by Design is the following genres: Young Adult, Mystery and Fiction. 

Overall, I give Deadly by Design a four out of five as it may be a bit bland but still keeps readers guessing! 

About the Author

Carina Axelsson is the author of The Model Undercover and Royal Rebel series. She was previously a fashion model herself which is what gave her the added advantage of  coming up with the model undercover series. Some of her favourite genres include mystery, romance and an element of fashion. Her love for mystery fiction is what drove her to write the Model Undercover series. The Royal Rebel series, however are targeted towards a  slightly younger audience. 


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