Tilly And The Lost Fairy Tales

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Book Review-Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales by Anna James

Tilly and the lost fairy tales are the second book in the Pages and Co trilogy. When a new book wanderer suddenly appears and wins the librarian elections, fairy tales start disappearingTilly is a book wanderer which gives her the ability to wander inside book into their stories and even talk to the characters, however, her ability is put to the test during a trip to Paris with her best friend, Oscar. 

When the two arrive in Paris they visit a bookshop and wander inside a fairy tale book. The thing is fairy tales are dangerous because there are so many different versions of the story that has been written that you can easily get lost or hurt. Now the tilly must solve the mystery of why so many fairy tale characters are going, why prince charming’s are climbing beanstalks and why there are random plot holes popping up in the story! Can Tilly and Oscar work out who or what is behind all this chaos and make sure everybody gets their happily ever after?


Tilly and Oscar are best friends since tilly found out she can wander I and out of books and talk to the main characters. On a snowy trip to Paris to visit Oscar’s grandmother in Paris, tilly and Oscar discover the havoc of the under library. A mysterious book wanderer has come out of on were and claimed that he was lost in a book for years. Archibald pages is against the idea of promoting him as head librarian however, the elections speak otherwise. With that going on in the background tilly meets Oscars grandmothers’ friend who owns a bookshop.

 When the two are encouraged by her to wander into a forbidden book of fairy tales they discover the mess inside. Characters are running into the wrong fairy tales; plot holes are appearing out of nowhere and there are holes in the ground that lead into oblivion! The duo must find a way to escape the book and inform the under library of Paris before it’s too late. Or maybe seek help from the mysterious archivists who are rumoured to be a myth… 


I have been looking forward to the sequel of Tilly and the Book Wanderers for quite a long time now and couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. In the first book, anna James had left a lot of unanswered questions to the ups and downs of book wanderingand the separate set of rules tilly has to follow since she found out the truth about herself and her parents. 

Anna has kept us guessing when it comes to the book wandering world. She has answered so many details of the under library as well as arousing new ones. In this book, we get introduced to new aspects of books which are fairy tales and the dangers of them. Anna has added so many new variables which makes you want to know more and more about what might happen next… 

I think I know where to find the archivists” 

-Tilly pages 

So much suspense. This book I definitely a fiction, adventure, suspense, and fantasy. Best recommended to children from the ages of 11 to 15. I love this story because it’s a book about wandering inside a book. 

Absolutely speaks for all of us in the book-loving community. In the plot one of the main settings for the book is the great British library which I personally recommend to anybody who is fond of books, Anna James could not have chosen a better setting than the rainy streets of London(in my opinion, the best place to cozy up and just read). I just cannot wait to find out what happens next, don’t you? 

Anna James is an author and journalist who lives in London. She is the author of the pages and co trilogy. She has also written for Financial Times, The Pool, and The Independent. She also has a YouTube channel as A Case For Books. She is the co-founder and host for the London YA salon. 

In total I have absolutely enjoyed reading this book and hope to read the last book in trilogy very soon, I give Tilly and the Lost Fairytale’s a 5 out of 5 for keeping me guessing! 

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