The Railway Children

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Book Review- The Railway Children by E.Nesbit

The railway children by E. Nesbit is a fairly known classic about three young, well-mannered siblings; peter, Roberta and young Phyllis. Their peaceful lives are altered once two mysterious men take their father away during Christmas. With their father gone the family’s fortune is significantly reduced in his absence, they are forced to live in a simple cottage near a railway station. The young trio befriends the porter and station master. From then on, their days are filled with new adventure and excitement, along with the feeling of doubt and worry for their father. Their greatest accomplishment was a stopping a terrible train accident from a rockslide ahead! However even with some fresh air to clear their minds their father’s disappearance continues to haunt them. The answer to this and many other puzzling questions reside deep inside the chapters of the book, just waiting for you to find out. 

Roberta, Peter and Phyllis are 3 young mannered children who lived with their father and mother. Then one-night two men and took their father away with no explanation of why and how long. In his absence, the family’s fortune significantly dropped and they were forced to live in a cottage by a railway station in the countryside. 

From then the three go on many exciting adventures, becoming heroes and making friends. They helped stop a train crash into a fallen rockslide, they make great friends with the porter and trainmaster of the railway station and they help a boy with an injured foot from a tunnel so that their mother can treat his leg. All while secretly worrying and hoping for their father’s safe return and the reason, he was taken in the first place. 

One day the secret dawns on them through the newspaper headlines and they refuse to believe it. A truly wonderful classic which will keep you reading. 

Living in London, The Railway Children has always been a classic which I read when I was younger. There are no words to describe this book as being a truly sensational representation of children’s lives during the Victorian era. The three are a pleasure to read and make you long for the countryside, even if you live in the big city.

 Roberta, Peter and Phyllis have to go through a lot of trauma before reaching the countryside as they were very close to their father, however, once they arrive, they continue to help their mother and play in the meadows while helping others too. A great book to complete the classics.

 A great book to read all at once. Unlike most books which have one main plot and storyline which the book revolves around; The Railway Children contains the aspect of the kids going on different adventures, while also not making it a series but one whole tale. An enjoyable read to satisfy all ages from above 10. 

“Also, she had the power of silent sympathy.” 

I feel this book is great at inspiring young reader; it makes them want to go outside and explore their surroundings rather than being cooped up at homeClassics are the best ways to start getting children into reading, the more classics they read the more they want to explore new worlds. This book is the following genresclassicsfiction and children. Suitable for ages nine and above. 

E. Nesbit or Edith Nesbit was an author and poet from England. She was known for publishing book for children under the name of E.Nesbit. She had written and collaborated on over 60 books in which many have been made and adapted for television and film. She was also known for being the co-founder and political activist of the Fabian Society; an organization which became later connected to the Labour Party. 

Overall, The Railway Children is an all-time classic which will forever be an inspiration for many readers around the world, including myself. 5 stars. 


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