The Upside-Down Café

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Upside down cafe

            Poem: The Upside-Down Café

The upside-down café is quite a thriller,

Where nobody knows what is where,

The customers serve the waiters,

So I bet you want to be working over there.

The Upside-down café make you drink upside-down,

To make sure you have an unhappy time,

In the up-side down café you stand way-side up,

And visa-versa on your side,

The topsy turvyness shall send your

Mind spinning three sixty degree around,

Where anything can happen but the other way,


The sign outside says cafes always

Closed, and when you enter its

Another world

The upside-down café goes deeper underground,

Where there is always between day-and night

But no one really knows how

You get served from desserts to starters,

With healthy snacks for a treat,

When you order the special

All you get is raw meat

The topsy turvy, topsy curvy world

Shall send your mind going through

A way-side world

In the upside-down café

Nothing is the right way around

The Summary:

I wrote the upside-down café when I was in year six, and honestly had no idea what I was doing, like most writers. you just come up with a vague idea of what you want to do, and once you write a few lines, the words just seem to flow. 

The task I was given, was to makeup and unusual café and write a poem about it, but I felt so clueless about what I should write. but what truly inspired the theme of my writing was this exhibit in Ripley’s believe it or not, where all the chairs were stuck to the ceiling and the whole room looked upside down. 

I just made my way up from there and before you know it, I had written a hilarious poem that even I don’t understand sometimes!

This poem is mostly just a funny comedy which I conjured up from my imagination. 

Now a fact – there are several Upside-Down Café around, if you have visited let us know your experience. Click here

Please comment and let me know any other factors of The Upside-Down Café you can think off, and do write your experience if you have come across any upside-down café

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