Song of Myself

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The Poem 

     ‘Song of Myself’

 I am the spark that will set light to                                   

Your deepest desire,

A unique thumb print in a million

I am a whole other world of unlimited


I am individuality itself

I am lost in a peaceful world

Of creativity, where the word

Limits don’t exists,

The air is overcome in fantasy,

Where anything can happen

You can chase your wildest dreams

Through an upside down


Come join me in this wonderful

Journey of life,

Can you spare just a moment,

To heed my words,

Can you stop on your path

To slowly discover yourself

Have you ever wondered about

The lies in every truth,

Have you ever wondered about

The deepest mysteries in the world

Have you ever wondered  where

Blackhole come from ?

Have your ever wondered where

The end meets the beginning

I shall now drift away

And let music take control

Where the melodious sound shall

Be the ink to my plea

The rustle of leaves against the hard granite floor

Wailing and longing to be evergreen,

The bussing of the bees contrasting

With the ripple of a puddle

Fills my ears with the tingling


A single dew drop falling from a

Spider’s web is like a quiet chime

Ringing in your ears

Trees secretly whispering

In each other ears as the wind

Glides by.

The roar of the rain sends,

A shivering chill down my spine,

A single droplet of water

Could mean the difference

Between life and death for a flower.

The throbbing of a worms

Heart as it fights it way

Through the dirt

The screech of chalk

Against the slate,

The slush of water as its sinks

Into the dirt,

The echo of a rock falling from a hill

The singer wants water after

An outstanding performance,

The news man deciding what

Tie he should wear,

The teacher is quieting the class

Hoping for the day to be over

He earth is waiting for pollution

To end

The athlete is encouraging himself

To finish the race,

The baby elephant learning to walk,

The artist putting his final

Layer of paint,

The final bid of a Vincent van Gogh

Being called,

The author is writing the final

Chapter of a book,

The ink is slowly sinking into the paper

The bat,

Slowly using echo location to Catch its food,

The sigh of a student as she

Finished the race.

All different people from different professions,

Yet all in the same


The Summary:

The Song of myself is a poem I wrote, in year 5.

This poem was inspired by – Walt Whiteman’s poem ‘the song of myself’ which celebrates yourself and the people and things around you. For Example, the first versus represents what you are what you can be in a metaphoric sense. 

The next para stands for the world outside and the endless possibilities that lie within. After that, the next few verses questions are perspective of the world as if eel we don’ take enough time to enjoy are life and are always in a hurry. 

Following the same concept, the next para tells you are about little and delicate sounds which we miss every day. Even though you don’t realise it, these small things in the world have a place; and you miss these sometimes. 

The rest of the poem is about other people in the world who you may not give much notice to too. There are billions of people in this world all caught up in their own lives. 

This poem just reflects the perspective of taking a breath from your everyday lives and thinking about the world around, yourself, the small things around you, the people around you are the world outside our own; Reflection.

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