The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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the adventures of Sherlock Homes

Book Review- The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur originally by Chris Sasaki is about the famous detective sherlock homes and his sleuthing partner, Dr Watson. Why does a burglar keep smashing statues of Napoleon? Where is the blue Carbuncle? And who is the mysterious Irene Adler? Join Sherlock Holmes and his trusted friend Dr Watson as they unravel the truth behind these cases and many more... 


The first story in this collection is, A Scandal in Bohemia which is about Irene Adler one of the first people to trick and escape the great Sherlock homes! A cursed relationship ends with blackmail to expose the other. What will the king of bohemia do if his relationship with Irene Adler gets into the hands of the media? The only solution to this is to ask for help from Sherlock homes. A wonderful and mysterious tale with no real solution.  

The second tale in this collection is The Redheaded league which stars sherlock homes and a very curious case, this case could just be a normal happening, or it could be far more devastating. 

 The adventure of the blue carbuncle, a tale which starts of rather innocently with a lost hat and chicken around the time of thanksgiving, however, a small discovery turns the whole mystery even more interesting to read. The Speckled Band is the fourth tale in this collection, where Homes must leave the cobbled streets of the city and explore the mysterious murder of a woman which took place years ago. Yet when this same occurrence strikes again, the situation is suddenly a thousand more times deadly, what stunt will Homes pull off now? 

 The Greek Interpreter is the second last adventure in this book, where Sherlock visits his brother for an ordinary introduction to Watson, however, the mystery seems to follow him wherever he goes. This time the mystery gets far more complicated and murderous as Sherlock and Watson dive deeper. 

 The last story in this delightful collection is The Adventure of the Six Napoleon, about Sherlock and his interest in a seemingly small coincidence. While inviting his friend over for tea, Sherlock learns that there is a thief out there who is breaking into people’s homes and not stealing anything, just smashing the statues of Napoleon. At first, you would suspect a mad man, but nothing seems to get past sherlock homes and Dr Watson 


 This is a simply wonderful book to read on a rainy day with a cup of tea. I am a huge fan of murder mystery and have absolutely loved re-reading this collection. When I was young this sort of dull writing didn’t interest me; not magic or curses. However, reading this now has excited me bringing me back to the once cobbled streets of London and the thrill of deducing who the culprit or culprits are before the author. Sherlock Holmes is a classic detective who has several films made after him. 

He is joined by his trusty friend and sleuthing partner, Dr Watson, who is also the narrator his adventures. Seeing the mysteries from Watson side of the view is a great element that makes the book even more interesting to read, as he does not know the solution, and is often stunned by the unique way Homes’ mind works. A true classic which floods you with a sense of nostalgia.  

“You see, but you do not observe.” 

-Sherlock Holmes 

This a short boo which is great for reading on a rainy day in a single day. Some of Sherlocks remarks have made my gasp, awe and laugh at the same time. It is such a great example of classic mystery novels. This book has probably inspired many famous authors in modern-day. 

The age rating for this book is between 11 and 16 because although this is a great book it might not interest young readers; speaking from personal experience. This book is great for secondary school and upper primary. The adventure of Sherlock Holmes is classic, mystery, crime, fiction, short stories and children 

About the Author

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a former principal of one of the World’s oldest laboratory schools for gifted youngsters, Hunter College Elementary School, and former director of Magnet Schools for the gifted and talented for more than 25,000 youngsters in New York. Dr Arthur Prober is a very well recognized authority in the fields of media and child protection.

 He has spent up to twenty years specializing in early-childhood and gifted education. He is currently the U.S representative to the European Institute for the media and European Advertising Standards Alliance.  

Overall, I give The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a five out of five for being a nostalgic classic which had me crawling with anticipation and mystery. 

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