Artemis Fowl

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Book Review - Artemis Fowl

Artemis fowl is definitely on my top ten favourite books. This amazing book is centred around a criminal master mind, Artemis fowl and how he discovers a group of underground armed and dangerous fairies. This book is set in a world where human kind are referred to as “mud people” and there’s a whole other world just waiting to be discovered under your feet. I must say that Eoin Colfer has done an absolutely brilliant job in combining Artemis’s genius with the marvel of LEP technology.

Artemis fowl is about a twelve-year old child prodigy who discovers a race of underground and armed fairies. Now his prime mission is to strip the fairies of what they value most, Gold. The only way to do this, he reasoned, was to kidnap a fairy and demand a ransom fund! However Artemis fowl chose the wrong fairy to kidnap, captain Holly Short is not going to make his plan any easier! Watch as this child genius executes a master mind plan to bend time, preform miracles and cheat death itself!


This book is just the start of a best selling series which are sure to have you hanging on to every word! Artemis Fowl is a great read for all fantasy lovers from young adults to fiction- loving kids! The different stages of the child prodigy’s plan are such a marvel to read, Eoin Colfer laid it out beautifully from daring action and humour to change of heart and affection, this book has it all. 

However, speaking on a personal level, the character of Holly Short appealed to me most. Holly short is a captain in Lower Elements police force and the first female captain at LEP. Holly short is the most determined of the lot with a constant tendency to disobey a direct order or break a few rules here and there. That nature of hers is what led her into being kidnapped in the first place in the first place. 

Another character who brings flare to this book is Butler. Butler is descended from a huge line of bodyguards whose prime mission is to keep the fowls safe from any harm. He has been assigned to Artemis since he was born and is the closest thing Artemis ever had to a friend or father. This huge Eurasian may not be one of the main focuses in the story, nevertheless, holds a place in my heart as playing a vital role as the story unfolds.

 And lastly, I cannot write this review without giving admiration for the main character, Artemis Fowl himself, and his author, Eoin Colfer. Artemis fowl never ceases to astound me with the brilliant way his mind works. James Bond is nothing compared to this child prodigy! And Eoin Colfer of course earns an even bigger applause for creating this amazing world and the incredible child genius himself! 

Over all this is a five star book which is sure to win the hearts of many book lovers everywhere!

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