Artemis Fowl And The Opal Deception

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Book Review- Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception

Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception 

Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer is the fourth book in the Artemis Fowl series. The Artemis Fowl series is about young master fowl, heir to the fowl criminal empire and the only human to have discovered a group of armed and underground fairies. In past years Artemis has got his hands-on fairy gold, saved Haven city from a full-scale invasion from Goblins and stolen back fairy technology from one of the most dangerous businessmen in the world. Probably making him people enemy no.1 and a hero, however, he does not know that thanks to a mind wipe. 

Now Artemis is back to his cold and unruly self with only one thing in his mind Aurum Protests Est; Gold is Power. But now he needs his memory back, and faster than ever as a crazed fairy is out for revenge. Opal Koboi is out and thirsty for revenge. Artemis must now race against the clock to get his memory back if only he had help from his fairy ally; Captain Holly Short. But thanks to Opal’s crazy plan, she is now a fugitive, leaving Artemis with one hope, Mulch Diggums the dwarf. Things are about to explode!!! 


Artemis Fowl has had his mind wiped by the fairy people, meaning he remembers nothing about his past adventures. No harm was done, except for the fact that Opal Koboi, fairy psychopath, has woken up from her staged coma and is thirsty for long-awaited revenge

Usually, Artemis would make some extravagant master plan that would save the day with help from his Ally, Captain Holly Short. However, Opal is one step ahead as she plans a murder, making Holly a fugitive and forced to go on the run. Artemis must quickly get his memory back before Opal Koboi leads humans to find Haven city.

  With Opal having mind-wiped the humans and making them dig underground, will she be one step ahead of Artemis, Has the great Artemis Fowl been outsmarted for the first time? Or is he just getting started…   


Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception is one of my favourite books in the Artemis Fowl series. In this book, one of the main elements in the plot is the fact that Artemis has lost his memory. This adds a sense of urgency and comedy to the book since the fairy people need him more than ever, and they regret the mind wipe. Artemis must trigger something from the back of his mind to get all their adventure back, but he only partly believes what everyone is telling him as the only person he trusts is himself.

 I am amazed and shocked while reading about Opal’s plan and how she perfected it to the core. For a moment in the book, I once thought that Artemis is going to be outsmarted for the first time but then thought better of myself as more plots unfolded. 

 I feel like each book Eoin Colfer writes in this series actually deepens the bond between Artemis and Holly Short. In the first two books, they Artemis was public enemy no.1, however, as they got to know and save the world with each other they realized that they both had a very deep friendship.  

“If we make it through this, we will be friends. Bonded by trauma.” 

Captain Holly Short  

Any person would love an adventure book like Artemis Fowl; however, Eoin Colfer has a way of making it hilarious, even when the two main characters are running away from Goblins with blood spewing everywhere! This book probably combined two of my favourite things action and gadgets with fantasy and fairies which is what I love about it. It’s for both girls and boys, something to delight all ages with.

 The age group from this book is probably between 9 and above. It is the following genres: Fantasy, Fiction science, children’s and adventure. 

Eoin Colfer is an Irish author who has written the Artemis Fowl and W.A.RP series. He was born in Wexford on the south-east coast of Ireland where he lived with his parents and four brothers.  later he received a degree from Dublin University and began a teaching career in a primary school in Wexford. Eoin Colfer retired from teaching and decided to write full time after the publication of the Artemis fowl series. He is currently living in Ireland with his wife and kids. 

Overall, I give Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception a five out of five.

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