Book Review -Ratburger by David Walliams

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Funny !!! Ratburger by David Walliams

Ratburger by David Walliams is a book about how young Zoe defeated a burger man. Things are not looking good for Zoeher parents died when she was younger, so she was looked after by her lazy aunt, Sheila. 

The school bully Tina Trott’s makes her life a misery she loves flubbing on her head and she is looked down upon by her teacher, Miss Midge. Worst of all, the dastardly Burt has terrible plans for her pet rat! I can’t tell you what those plans are, but there’s a clue in the title of the book… 

Zoe’s life is not the best… her parents died when she was younger leaving her with her aunt, where they live in a council flat. At school, she gets bullied by Tina Trott’s who just loves flubbing on her head. She is looked down by her teacher, Miss Midge. She is also suspicious of Bert, who sells burgers to children after school. 

  After her pet hamster (which her father gave her) died, Zoe finds a rat that wandered into her room and discovers that it is intelligent, and it can dance to music. She names it Armitage after the name of a plumbing company. Sheila later discovers the rat and the trouble It had caused, forcing her to give it to the pest control man (who was Bert in a disguise)

Later she is locked in her room and makes a desperate attempt to escape by digging a hole through her room. When she manages to escape her hole leads her to her neighbour’s house, which just happens to be Tina Trotts. After escaping Tina, Zoe must rescue her rat before Bert manages to execute his plan to turn it into a Ratburger. 

Well, David Walliams has done it again! This is another disgustingly hilarious book, with a thrilling plot. Poor Zoe has to go through a lot before finally becoming a hero, but she keeps at even when her hamster dies and her pet rat is finally taken away from her. The plot in Ratburger is great, going through many twists and unexpected turns before reaching the final conclusion. 

David Walliams has included so many funny turns in the story, such as the funny conversations between Zoe and the newsagent raj. The illustrations just add to the effect, Tony Ross has done a tremendous job, adding funny visual effects of each character. I never seize to be amazed by the way David Walliams comes up with these characters, each one seems to have a unique personality which compliments the other.   

“Zoe had to do something or she would be roadkill.” 

Zoe is surprisingly determined about whatever she does. Once she sets her mind to it there’s nothing that can stop her. The reason I am surprised is that she has witnessed so much loss in her life but she keeps going, this a quality which many heroines carry and inspire others with. The age group for this book is preferably nine and older, I think they would really enjoy the comedy aspect of the whole “ ratburger” charade. A perfect book for primary school students. This book is the following genres: Comedyfiction, and humour 

David Walliams is a literary phenomenon whose books have sold more than 30 million copies worldwide and have been translated into fifty-three languages! The brilliant Tony Ross is Published the world over and has illustrated more than 2,000 books! This is David and Tony’s twenty-second collaboration. 

David Walliams OBE is an English comedian, actor, writer, and television personality. He is best known for his work with Matt Lucas on the BBC sketch comedy series Rock Profile, Little Britain, and Come Fly With Me.

So, overall, I give Ratburger by David Walliams a stunning 5 stars!

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