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Oliver Twist

Book Review- Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens follows the story of a young and orphaned boy, Oliver Twist. A gripping portrayal of London’s dark criminal underbelly. The story of Oliver Twist – orphaned and set upon by evil and adversity from his first breath – shocked readers when it was first published. After running away from the workhouse and from Mr Bumble, Oliver finds himself lured into a den of thieves, peopled by the vicious burglar Bill Sikes, his dog -Bull’s Eye and Nancy, all watched over by cunning master-thief Fagin.


Oliver twist is a boy who was orphaned at birth and grew up in an orphanage or workhouse which was overcrowded and didn’t provide enough food for the boys to eat. 

One day, Oliver asks for a second helping of gruel, which is preposterous in their opinion, so he is sold to an undertaker the next day. After working for the undertaker Oliver decides to run away. Eventually, after many nights, he reaches the City of London where he meets Dodger, who offers him home with an old gentleman, free of cost.

Oliver takes the opportunity, unaware of what he had gotten himself into. At this point, the reader is introduced to the dark criminal underbelly of the town. After spending the night there, he meets Bill Sikes, his dog- Bull’s Eye and Nancy, who all work for Fagin. The next day Dodger takes Oliver out in an attempt to show him how to steal. When he takes a handkerchief from an old gentleman, Oliver reaches two conclusions; Dodger and the rest of his new acquaintances are master pickpockets and that he should run…

When Dodger runs away, Mr Brownlow assumes Oliver to be the thief and tries to chase him down. After catching Oliver Twist, he reasons that Oliver is, after all, not a thief and thereby offers him a home. However, Fagin is not going to risk letting Oliver go, after exposing him to his secret crime society; what type of risks is he willing to take to keep Oliver’s mouth shut?


Oliver Twist is a very well-known classic by Charles Dickens. When I was younger, I have gifted the Charles Dickens Collection of books on my 10th birthday.  I must admit that I was a reluctant and didn’t quite look forward to reading them as back then I was not exactly a fan of books belonging to that Genre. However, laying hands on it again now, after so many years, has left such an indelible mark on my mind that it has made me fall in love with this classic and making me look at it from a fresh perspective.

Although ‘Oliver Twist’ has been made into various other musicals and films, in my opinion, nothing comes near to or beats the original book. 

This story mainly explores the genres of crime, betrayal, friendship and romance. It’s a beautiful book which has perplexed and fascinated millions of readers to date. Although it does not contain anything other-worldly I reckon, what really sets it apart is its sense of magic -a true mark of a classic.

 A large bit of this book is focused around the crime in the city and the pickpockets. Although this book is set in the Victorian era, the book is a good example of what crime underbellies are like and teaches a series of lessons as well as enticing the reader with ever-changing action. All in all a terrific read! 

“It is because I think so much of warm and sensitive hearts, that I would spare them from being wounded.”

Along with an intriguing plot, ‘Oliver Twist’  contains lots of beautiful passages. You do get different versions of this book depending on your reading age – best recommended for readers aged 11 and above, this book is good for upper primary and secondary school

Also, a great book to increase your vocabulary and readings skills. This book is the following genres: classics, crime, fiction, historical fiction, and literature. Conclusively, ‘Oliver Twist’ is a must-read for every age !! 

Overall,  I give ‘ Oliver Twist’ by Charles Dickens a five out of five for being a true classic and beautiful addition to modern-day literature !!

About the author

Charles Dickens was an English author and a famous social critic. Well known for creating some of the world’s most popular and most recognized fiction characters, he is regarded as one of the most successful novelists of the Victorian Era. His works enjoyed unprecedented popularity during his lifetime and by the twentieth century, he was recognized by scholars as being a literary genius. His novels have now become modern-day classics that are to date enjoyed throughout the world. 

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