Model Undercover: A Crime of Fashion

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Book Review- A model Undercover: A Crime of Fashion by Carina Axelsson

Model undercover is a mystery series written by Carina AxelssonDespite her long legs and fashion-obsessed family, all Axel wants to do is solve mysteries like her grandfather, who worked in Scotland Yard. So, when star designer Belle La Lune pulls a disappearing act Axel seizes her moment and gets on cracking the case. However, for her to truly gather information about the fashion designer’s disappearance she must get behind the fashion world itself and what better way than being a model undercover! Even though this job means being tortured with eyelash-curlers and teetering sky-high heels. Aided by Sebastian, the police chief’s son, she races through the streets of Paris gathering clues before it’s too late.  


Axel has always been into solving mysteries, unlike other girls who flipped through magazines and romance books, she filled her childhood with a clue do and mystery novels. But axel went too far when questioning a perfume lady who was helping her mother and as punishment, she must join her aunt as an assistant during the peak of fashion week no less! This was truly a disaster to her, but mysteries follow wherever she goes and soon discovers that famous fashion designer Belle La Lune has gone missing!

 Axel sees this as her moment to prove to her fashion-loving family that she is a capable detective but to solve this mystery she must have inside informationSo, with the help of pure opportunity, she convinces Ellie, a regular fashion model, to give her a shot into the fashion industry.  So, with a new fashion best Axel dives deeper into the supposedly innocent world of fashion.

As the two walks through the dim streets of Paris, they are attacked and head to the police station to find the chief officer and his son. Sebastian, the chief’s son, ends up teaming up with Axel in Sherlock and Watson duo to find the mysterious kidnapper before it is too late. 


I have always had a favour for a murder mystery; however, I also enjoy fashion and romance, resulting in this book being perfect for my taste! One of the first book series I started reading before Christmas and definitely a great read.

 I wouldn’t change a thing about this book if I was forced to. I have rarely found book’s which have murder mysteries as well as fashion shows which makes these series unique in away. This book has the following genres: mystery, young adult, fiction, contemporary and romance. A great book for middle graders between the ages of 10 and 14.

 This book was a delight to read as you can never know what happens next. It is even better to see Axel not only faced with pressure from herself to solve the case but to also do it all in high heels and make brushes. She is Afterall very determined when it comes to this, especially as this is the perfect window of opportunity to discover if she is truly the master detective, she has trained herself to be.  

Fashion’s most stylish detective” 


The character of Axel is expected to be glossy and really ladylike, when you the term model undercover, you instantly think oh this is a very girlish book which probably doesn’t have any real action it. Well, you are very much mistaken, after all, Axel is the total opposite of that, she is a rebel who wants to solve mysteries and crime like her late grandfather, in fact, she tries to get away from modelling as soon as she can.

 A really inspiring figure among younger girls who want to take up man-dominated professions. You do what you want to and not even destiny can stop you from achieving your goals, is the message this book gives me. There are also more books in the model undercover series. 

Carina Axelsson is the author of The Model Undercover and Royal Rebel series. She was previously a fashion model herself which is what drove the background setting of the model undercover series. Some of her favourite genres include mystery romance and an element of fashion. Her love for mystery fiction is what drove her to write the model undercover series. The royal rebel series, however, is for slightly younger readers. 

The model undercover series book one by Carina Axelsson is rewarded with four and a half stars from me! 

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