Black Beauty

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Black Beauty

Book Review- Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is about a beautiful stallion, who longs for a home, instead of being passed around. This much-loved tale follows the life of colt, Beauty, at the hands of his various owners – from kind and loving to brutal and cruel. After years of hardship, will Beauty at last find happiness?


Black beauty is about a young colt and his journey of life, being passed around from master to master. He has experienced many hardships, pain, and mistreatment but also fairness, kindness and belonging.

 Beauty has gone through a so much and this book is like an autobiography of his life. Anna Sewell has created a compelling story, and possibly a realistic depiction of a horse’s life during the Victorian Era. Made of short stories.


To be honest, when I first saw the book, I did not want to read it. I felt as though it was boring and did not contain as much action or mystery as it would have preferred it to. But I was most definitely wrong!

Back Beauty is about a colt and his life’s journey through many masters, friends, and foes and the way they treated him. I have loved spending rainy days just reading these short stories. 

I have personally never read a book from an animal’s perspective and found reading this a reading experience. I find it simply amazing, the way Anna Sewell can come up with so many different stories and never repeat anything, while still keeping It interesting. Afterall this book has forty-nine chapters and four parts! This book is a spectacular classic

More than just regular stories, each tale conveys a moral of some sort. A truly enjoyable addition to literature.

In Addition, this book is like an autobiography, which I find interesting as it is from a horse’s perspective. It teaches kids to be respectful to horses and for that matter, all animals. 

I would personally say that this book should be cherished and enjoyed. Young readers might not enjoy this book as much, however, once they understand the meaning of each story and the moral behind it they will love Black Beauty.

“It is good people who make good places.”

Although now, Black Beauty was one of the bestselling books for children, it was originally intended for an adult audience. Like the most classic, I would recommend this book to slightly older children such as those in secondary school. However, classics are the type of book you can read at any age if you understand the moral being it. 

This book has taught me many lessons one of my favourites is the quote above. Because you can use and relate this quote to modern-day life. This book is the following genres, Classic, children, animal, historical fiction, adventure, young adult and literature.

About the Author

Anna Sewell was an English Novelist and is best known for writing Black Beauty which is a beloved classic and still enjoyed to this day. From a young age, Anna took up the liking for animals and was taught to respect them. She especially liked horses thought strongly of the cruelty they were facing at the time. She felt strongly for horses and that was reflected in Black Beauty.

Overall, I give black beauty a five out of five as it is a true classic, and teaches children a lesson on how to treat animals with kindness and respect.

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